Our friendly admin and nursing team are committed to providing a quality service whilst at all times respecting confidentiality and individuality of patients.

Our nurses, Janet, Mary, Shan, Alana, Eloise and Robynne are here to assist with any queries you may need answered,  they are highly skilled and trained professionals.

Please call them direct on 9262 8605 during business hours.


You can book a telehealth appointment with your regular practitioner and will be  billed according to Government policy.

health checks

Practitioners encourage regular health checks to maintain your health and wellbeing.

chronic disease management

Practitioners can help you to set and achieve your healthcare  goals.


It is important to keep your immunisation status current.

hearing testing

Specialised equipment is on site for hearing testing.


Aviation, Recreational or Commercial Driving and more.

contraceptive implants

Make an appointment to discuss this with your general practitioner.

travel health medicine

Practitioners can provide expert advice to you on how to keep healthy whilst overseas.

minor surgical procedures

Common procedures include Cryotherapy, Biopsy of Skin Lesions, Excision of Skin Lesions,  Cysts and more.

sports medicine

Practitioners know how important it is to get the right treatment for sporting injuries and in a timely manner.