Prescriptions & Referrals

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repeat prescriptions

are only issued without a visit, at your regular doctor’s discretion. To order a script please do this through the HotDoc app or through the link below. To cover the practitioners time to review your clinical file, issuing the script and administration costs there is a fee of $21 ex GST when collecting in person and $23 ex GST to have the script posted to you or to fax and post to your local pharmacy or via e-script. Payment is taken during your request of the script online. If your practitioner declines your script request, the money will be refunded back to you and you will be required to make an appointment. eScript are now available and  will be sent to a mobile number or email. Please make sure these numbers and addresses are current.

Please monitor your scripts carefully, and plan your consultation in advance to avoid situations where you may be left without important medications.

Your regular pharmacist can keep you informed on when your scripts are due for renewal.  Enquire about this service at your regular pharmacy.

repeat referrals

Please check with your specialist prior to your appointment to be sure your referral is current at the time of consultation.

Referrals cannot be backdated.
We  only provide repeat referrals if you have seen the specialist previously, for new referrals  you are  requested to make a face-to-face appointement with your regular practitioner
Your practitioner may not be able to provide a repeat referral if you have not been seen recently. Repeat specialist referrals are done at the doctor's discretion.

Please plan in advance to avoid situations where you may be ineligible for a Medicare rebate. Collection of referrals incur a $20 ex GST or to fax is $25 ex GST charge. If you have lost or misplaced your referral a fee of $15 ex GST will be charged to have it resent.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests to backdate referrals contravenes Medicare Legislation.