Our medical practitioners are all trained in minor surgical procedures.

The more common procedures done in our medical centre can include; excision of skin lesions and ingrown toenail removal. You are required to see the doctor before booking this type of appointment.

When booking for any procedure, please advise our reception staff. You will need at least a 1/2 an hour with the doctor and the nurse.

Most skin lesions are sent to pathology for testing, and may take a few days for the result to come back. All procedures done at GP on Beaufort incur a fee. You may not be required to pay until the specimen result has been received and seen by the doctor. The usual practice is to return for results and to have your stiches removed; payment will be required on that day.

Suturing of cuts and lacerations are usually an emergency procedure, and it is best to telephone ahead, if you can, to let us know that you have had an accident and need to see a doctor. Sometimes we will have you see or speak with our nurse who is trained to assess the situation and decide on the best course of action. In some cases you may be advised to go straight to the Emergency Department at one of the major hospitals.

Any accidents at a workplace that require treatment will be charged to the patient. If the incident becomes a Worker's Compensation Claim, the patient will be responsible for the payment of all accounts until such times as we receive from the workplace or insurer a letter stating the claim has been "accepted".

From that time on all future accounts will be sent straight to the insurer or workplace. If you have any questions, please ask to speak with the Practice Manager.

Our general practitioners also set and plaster broken bones, deal with dislocations and bandage sprains and strains.