GP on Beaufort also offer a comprehensive travel health and vaccination service. For more information go to our travel website on


As adults we need to keep their immunisation status up to date.


When at your next visit to our practice discuss this with your doctor who can advise you on what you may require to maintain protection and  immunity against communicable disease.


We stock most adult vaccinations and we also do travel vaccinations. Check out our Travel Vaccination Website.


For more information on adult vaccinations speak with your practitioner at your next visit.


Vaccinating your child against childhood disease plays a very important part in your child’s health and well being.


At GP on Beaufort, we offer a comprehensive immunisation service to your children from birth to 4 years old.


Our doctors and nurses are available to discuss childhood immunisation with parents, and we offer a safe and happy environment for your child when having their immunisation. We all know how important it is for your child to have a "good" experience when this time comes around.


When your child/children are due for their vaccination telephone and book a consultation with the doctor and the nurse. Doctor will discuss with you the pros and cons of immunisation, and then our nurse will give the injections.


All children receive vaccinations according to the AIR Vaccination Schedule; and the details are transmitted to AIR for recording on the database.


We direct bill the visit to Medicare and all AIR Childhood Schedule immunisations are free of charge. However, there are some vaccines that are not on the free list and will incur a charge. Please discuss this with the nurse when booking the appointment.


You may contact our nurses at anytime to discuss childhood vaccinations on 08 9262 8605 (direct line).