Prescriptions will not be issued without consultation, unless by specific prior arrangements with your doctor and this attracts a script fee of $15. Please phone the surgery with your request and we need at least 24 hours notice to have this ready for you to collect.


Please monitor your scripts carefully, and plan your consultation in advance to avoid situations where you may be left without important medications


Your regular pharmacist can keep you informed on when your script is due for renewal. Check out this service when next you visit your regular pharmacy.


All results will be checked by your doctor.

You may phone between 12:00 and 2pm on weekdays

08 9262 8605 to check your results with the nurse.


If the nurse is unable to take your call please leave a clear message on the voicemail. In some circumstances you will be required to make a follow up appointment to discuss the test results with your doctor at their request.


The nurse is well qualified to address most queries in the first instance, and can liaise with your doctor if required, however there are some instances where the nurse is not able to answer your specific questions and you will need to follow up with your doctor.

If you require copies of results, please ask your doctor when you receive the initial referral. If you have not asked, and copies are required you will need to contact the pathology and request copies to be sent to you at home.


Please check with your specialist prior to your appointment with them to make sure your referral is current at the time of consultation. If you need a new referral they will not be done without consultation as per Medicare Australia legislation.


Please plan in advance to avoid situations where you may be ineligible for a Medicare rebate. 


PLEASE NOTE: Requests to backdate referrals contravenes Medicare Legislation and will not be done.
Any request for reprinting of referrals i.e. forgotten or misplaced referrals - will be done at a cost of $15.

lady with prescription