Dr Goran Pervan is a registered D.A.M.E for all classes of Aviation Medicals.

By appointment only.  Please contact reception on
(08) 9262 8600.  Duration of the appointment is appoximately 1 hour and private fees apply.


Motor Vehicle / Trucks and Heavy Haulage License Assessment:
At some stage you may need to have a medical to obtain or renew your drivers license.

At GP on Beaufort we are able to do the required driving medical assessment for both truck, taxi, heavy haulage or car licence.

When booking your appointment, don't forget to tell the receptionist you are booking for a driver assessment.

Payment is required on the day, and there is no rebate from Medicare or your healthfund. However, if you are required to have this done for your employment, your employer my re-imburse you the fee.

Check this out with your employer first!!

Pensioner Driving Medicals:
When your next driving medical is due, our doctors at GP on Beaufort are able to assist. Book your appointment as soon as you have received your renewal documentation. This medical usually involves an eye test and consult with your doctor. We send the medical back to the Dept of Planning and Infrastructure for you, and you will be back on the road in no time. This consult does allow rebates from Medicare Australia.

For information and forms go the the Dept of Planning and Infrastructure webpage.


Medicals are required for many areas of our private and business life.

Pre-Employment Medicals are sometimes required before starting a new job. Your prospective employer will generally provide you with the forms to be completed by the doctor. This type of medical can take up to 1/2 to 1 hour, depending on the complexity of the tests required. Please allow ample time for your appointment.

Insurance Medicals are required by Insurance Companies for persons seeking life insurnace. These requests are generally made by the insurance companies on behalf of the patient/client. In most cases the doctor receives the request by post, and does not require the patient to be present to complete. However, there will be times when patients are sent the forms and are requested to make an appointment to discuss the required information on the medical form in person with their usual doctor.

Insurance Medicals are charged to the Insurance Company, and do not involve payment from the patient.

If your employer / insurance company is to pay for the medical, please have the details with you and hand them to the reception staff on arrival for your appointment.

Adoption Medicals: When booking for this medical, ask the reception staff to book a 1/4 hr appointment with the nurse and then a 1/2 hr appointment with your doctor. Please be sure to bring along all the documentation to the appointment and fill out your part before you arrive, this shortens the time spent at the practice. As our nurse if part of this process please book between 9am and 4pm.

A fee is payable for all medicals and this fee has a GST component. Payment for medicals is expected on the day.


Dr Goran Pervan is a qualified Recreational and Commercial Diving Medical Examiner.

Diving academies require you to have a medical before commencing a dive program. We have all the necessary paperwork you need to complete before seeing the doctor for your examination.

When booking an appointment for this medical, please notify the reception staff who will allocate the correct amount of time for the consultation. You will also be booked to see our practice nurse to have your hearing and lung function testing done.

Allow about 3/4 - 1 hr for the complete examination.

PLEASE NOTE: The consultation cost is between $150 amd $250 which includes the hearing and lung function test and there is NO rebate from Medicare or your Private Health Fund.